Web Design UX/UI Syllabus



This course is designed to be both a technical and aesthetic introduction to Web Construction and Design. Students will learn work with responsive HTML5/CSS3 and touch on interactive coding with PHP/Javascript/JQuery. The student will be introduced to popular Web design and graphics programs including Dreamweaver, Edge Animate and Photoshop, as well as the Content Management System - Wordpress. The course will cover the multi-media usage of graphics, sound and video and discuss the growing trends of Responsive and Interactive Web Design. Students will be introduced to User Experience Design Concepts and Navigational Theory. Students will work on several small Web projects that will lead to a final Multimedia Portfolio project. The goal of this class is to emphasize more than just the skills associated with individual programs, but the integration of art and technology. It is also designed to allow the student to explore the Internet and to use the Internet as a resource for the production of art and design projects.

Key Ideas

Internet History, Content Management, Color Theory, Typography, What is Information Architecture, HTML and CSS, the Backbone of Web.Designing from User Experience, User Centered Design - User Research - Game Play Theory, Designing Web interfaces. The Browser Model Augmented Reality Providing Feedback. Guiding Experience What are Touchpoints? Responsive Web, Grid Patterns. The Big View - Page Silhouettes. Scaling. Visual Hierarchy. Using Typography. What is a Content Management System? Why do you use them? Client vs Server. FTP. mySQL Database instructions. Live vs Local. PHP. Wordpress Intro. Themes. Child Themes. Plugin Architecture.


Digital Camera, Large Flash Drive, Server Space, Domain Name, Sketchbook, Access to Computer programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, TextWrangler

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